Not all poems are about the content,
Not all poems are about rhymes.
Not all poems are sentimental.
Sometimes, you have to look
Further than what you see.
The meaning could be
Held in a place that
You’d never expect
Ever feel like you’re
Out of breath?
And each time
You exhale
You inhale
Less air?


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Remember when those words,
used to flow so easily,
like the river where we got lost.
Remember writing each other
love letters on little post-notes.
Remember when our laughter,
filled the never ending staircases,
we were lost in the moment, in bliss.
Remember when we walked,
into the garden, into the woods,
“This is just the beginning,” you’d said
Remember that night?
I left.
You chased me.
I came back.
No more remembering.
No more making new memories.
You left.
I chased you.
You’re gone.


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Where are you?
I’m so lost,
I can’t find my train of thought.
Where did you leave?
I’m scared to believe.
You’re everything I need to breathe.
I miss tracing the scar,
running down your back.
I hope you haven’t gone too far.
My mind is skipping.
Scattered and scrambled.
I really need to stay on task.
Without you I can’t think,
An anchor that won’t sink.
A bird who’s chirp is never heard.
Leaving the nest for the first time,
Just please return, please be mine.


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I wish you could see, right through me
That I’m hungry,
But I won’t eat
That I’m tired,
But I can’t sleep
That I’m sad,
But I won’t cry
That I’m failing
But I won’t try
I wish you could see, right through me.


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The only thing that bloomed
under the twisted,
wicked, old willow tree
was our love.
Blossoming under what of the suns rays
seeped through.
Colours bled from our flowers
they fade to grey.
The willow tree now revived and vibrant.
Our blossoms now falling
petal by petal.
Time is the essence.


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My inspiration. Is gone.
I don’t even know how.
I don’t even know what
my inspiration was to begin with.
I don’t even know what’s going on.
All this complication
lead to frustration.
I’m so asdfghjkll.
What happened.
My mind is cluttered with something
That I can’t grasp long enough
To untangle.
I’m speechless.
It’s just this big tangle of frustration,
I can’t think straight.
I’m scared.

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